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Hitech Nails (New)

Hitech Nails An example of what happens when you get your website remade for cheap (second image). We had to step in and intervene and even educate the client about aesthetic. The best point in that meeting was when we made a comparison, “Just like how you are antsy whenever you see ugly fingernails, we get…

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VAYLA Gala Website

Supporting VAYLA Youths in New Orleans

The Vietnamese American Young Leaders Association of New Orleans (VAYLA-NO) is a youth-led, youth organizing and development, community-based organization in New Orleans dedicated to the empowerment of Vietnamese American and underrepresented youth through services, cultural enrichment, and positive social change. This year, 2011, was their fifth anniversary, and to commemorate the occasion, VAYLA-NO hosted a…

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VTIC Booklet Cover

Vietnamese Tech Conference Collateral

The VACETS Technical International Conference was the leading technology, science, and engineering conference for Vietnamese Americans. The Vietnamese Association for Computing, Engineering Technology and Science or VACETS, is an international professional non-political, technical association established to provide a forum for members to exchange technical ideas and information in support of work and education, and discuss…

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Cindy Chavez Flyer

Cindy Chavez for Mayor Campaign

When Cindy Chavez was running for Mayor, they need a flyer made geared for the Vietnamese American community in San Jose. Our designers are trained to work with Vietnamese language, so multicultural advertisements weren’t a problem for us.

Yes on Prop 72 Poster

Yes on Prop 72′s Readability

The Yes on Prop 72 campaign advocated that certain employers would be required to provide health coverage for their employees and in some cases dependents through either (1) paying a fee to a new state program primarily to purchase private health insurance coverage or (2) arranging directly with health insurance providers for health care coverage.…

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EM Radio 2011 Teaser

EM Radio For Our Generation

EM Radio is a Vietnamese American youth-run radio program. Currently, however, it targets mostly the older crowd, but Quyen, the host of the daily evening show, has a refreshing perspective compared to its competitors. You might even say hip. After EM Radio was acquired by nonprofit group, CayDa Foundation, the board wanted to take the…

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Pinnacle Bay Properties Flyer

Real Estate, For Real

Real estate flyers often try to do too much at once. But when you’re a buyer, you already have enough trouble hunting for a home, the last thing you want is to hunt for the details on a flyer. For our client, Sunnyvale-based Pinnacle Bay Properties, we thought, if I were in the shoes of…

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The Health Trust - Chronic Disease Workshop - Poster Board

Health Trust, Friendlier on the Eyes

The mission of The Health Trust is to lead the Silicon Valley community to advance wellness. One of the campaigns they held was to enroll participants in a six-week workshop to help individuals learn about managing chronic diseases and/or diabetes. Design is about understanding who the reader will be. For those with difficult eyesight, it…

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Xanh Website

Xanh, a Sophisticated Restaurant

Xanh is a modern Vietnamese American restaurant, striving to establish itself as a kind of hybrid restaurant and lounge. “Xanh”, translated into English, can refer to the color blue or green. The color blue became a theme throughout the restaurant. The interior diffuse lighting and glass inspired ethereal colors for its brand.

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